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I work for an automotive dealership in Hornsby NSW. One day I basically stumbled upon Robert (Bobby) from Techternatives while visiting my (and our company's) preferred supplier of computer equipment.
He seemed to know what he was talking about in as far as IT support is concerned and so we engaged him at a later date.
The "SEEMING" part quickly became a quite clear reality for us. Bobby IS very definitely good at what he does with both the PC and MAC environs. And by no means just fixing your BIOS or any of that sort of simple junk.
Domain controller support, network support, security, backup. I could go on here for quite some time but that's not necessary.
I have actually learned a lot from Bobby. He relates it, which is inspiring. When he receives our call, for a tough problem, he either knows how to fix it—usually does and within minutes—or he researches it further.
Bobby provides an extensive array of services, far more than we need to utilise.
I, along with the company that I work for, have been very satisfied with Bobby's service. Ross D @ 2017-04-02, 12:51